WORLD War II veteran Robert Alan Graham, 82, had much to remember on Anzac Day.

Mr Graham, of Glen Waverley, enlisted in the Royal Australian Air Force in 1940. After two years in flying school, he was posted to the third squadron of the eighth army desert airforce, at Ganbut Airfield in North Africa.

“After the ensuing tank battles and intensive air activity Tobruk fell and the retreat began back to Egypt, which came to a halt at Elalahein due to lines of supply having been exhausted,” he said.

“After a build-up of tanks and aircraft, the Elalahein assault began with the breakthrough and continued advance over the year to Tunis.”

Mr Graham said this followed with the invasion of Sicily, then Italy.

“On cessation of the European war, I was posted to England to Tiger Force … but as the Japanese War finished in the meantime, the operation was cancelled and I boarded the Stirling Castle to return home in October 1945.”

Mr Graham also served in the Korean War in 1952-53 as sergeant in command of armament. Six years later he was awarded an MBE.