FOUR people ‘‘died’’ and another 20 were ‘‘seriously injured’’ in a simulated two-car collision in Ballarat.

The training exercise was conducted at Ballarat Airport on Tuesday, providing emergency services with a real-life scenario to work through.

State Emergency Service crews, St John Ambulance units and Victoria Police attended the training, which lasted two hours.

Training co-ordinator Esther Williams said the exercise was a multi-agency scenario preparing different emergency service crews to work together in a mass-casualty vehicle accident.

“It is important because we need to be able to work with other agencies during fires, crashes or building collapses,” Ms Williams said. “We had two vehicles which were racing around the building and they collided and we had casualties over the ground, up in trees, in cars and with multiple injuries.”

Students from Mount Clear College acted as casualties during the exercise as part of their Real Experiential Applied Learning class