Brooklyn Accommodation in the charming village of Brooklyn, Australia is the perfect getaway for travelers seeking serenity and adventure. Situated on the Hawkesbury River in New South Wales, Brooklyn offers a unique Australian experience that combines natural beauty, national parks, and a delightful variety of aquatic activities. In this guide to Brooklyn Accommodation, you will discover the best places to stay at this magnificent destination, ensuring you have an unforgettable stay.

Through this blog post, you’ll gain an understanding of the types of accommodations available in Brooklyn, from luxurious hotels and cozy bed and breakfasts to comfortable guest houses and refreshing camping sites. By learning about the fantastic options at your fingertips, you will be able to make an informed decision when planning your visit. So, let’s explore the beautiful world of Brooklyn Accommodation and find the perfect lodging for your Australian adventure.

Exploring Brooklyn

Brooklyn, positioned at the heart of the Hawkesbury River, is a beautiful oasis that provides a unique Australian experience brimming with natural splendor, impressive national parks, and numerous aquatic activities for every taste.

This scenic village is a haven for those seeking peace and tranquility, inviting you to unwind amidst the serene waters of the Hawkesbury River and the lush, verdant landscapes abundant in the area. Nature lovers will be captivated by the various national parks, such as Ku-ring-gai Chase and Marramarra National Park, featuring diverse flora and fauna, perfect for hiking, bird watching, or simply reconnecting with nature.

Adventurers and thrill-seekers will find pleasure in the vast array of activities available in Brooklyn, from fishing and kayaking to bushwalking and cycling. The area boasts numerous waterways and walking trails that cater to all skill levels, ensuring an enthralling experience for all.

A visit to Brooklyn isn’t complete without taking part in the iconic Riverboat Postman tour. Known as one of Australia’s oldest and most storied cruises, this unique ride offers a glimpse into the area’s history and delivers mail to the isolated river communities along the way. Aboard the Riverboat Postman, guests can relish stunning views of the river, indulge in a delightful morning tea, and listen to engaging commentaries outlining the region’s past and present. This picturesque journey is a must-do for anyone visiting Brooklyn.

Aside from its natural attractions and outdoor pursuits, Brooklyn also offers a vibrant community life, featuring local markets, an array of delightful cafes and restaurants, and a welcoming atmosphere. An exploration of Brooklyn is bound to leave you charmed and captivated by the wonders of this delightful Australian village.

Types of Accommodation in Brooklyn

Brooklyn prides itself on the array of accomodations it hosts, from luxurious hotels to cozy bed and breakfasts, comfortable guest houses, and refreshing camping sites. Let’s explore some of these real places offering a memorable stay.

Hotel Accommodations

Brooklyn – The Bayview Hotel Woy Woy

Detouring slightly from our main exploration of Brooklyn accommodations, we make a scenic sojourn to another rising star in the Australian hospitality sector – the Bayview Hotel in Woy Woy.

Not just a station away from Brooklyn via the picturesque Central Coast & Newcastle Line, Woy Woy – known as the ‘Pelican Capital of Australia’ – is home to the Bayview Hotel. This charming establishment resonates with tranquil vibes from the fabulous Brisbane Water views it splendidly offers.

A brisk 14-minute walk from the hotel takes you to the serene Lions Park, a waterfront treasure, and if you’re excited by biodiversity, you’ll find pleasure knowing that the Australian Reptile Park is merely 15km away. The location’s connectivity is laudable, with Woy Woy train station only a 3-minute casual stroll from the Bayview, making it a preferred choice for travellers who love to venture beyond their base.

The Bayview Hotel portrays unpretentious charm, coupling functionality and comfort in its offering. The rooms, basic yet cozy, are well-equipped with flat-screen TVs for entertainment, minifridges for your refreshments, and tea and coffee making facilities to start your day right or end it on a comforting note. If you fancy a room with a view, some of them boast balconies, while others go the extra mile with sitting areas for that additional relaxation space.

Traveling solo, as a couple, or with family, Bayview has you covered with bathroom options. Whether you prefer an intimate en suite feeling or don’t mind sharing, they cater to your needs.

Focusing on amenities, the Bayview Hotel truly thrives. The beloved Aussie culture of cherishing a good drink outside is celebrated at the Bayview, with its beer garden and a rooftop bar. The hotel also houses a bistro, serving delightful fare for food-loving guests.

Don’t worry about draining your data, as the hotel offers Wi-Fi free of charge, ensuring you’re always connected. Parking hassles? Think again. The Bayview provides free parking too, so driving around exploring is never a worry.

For those traveling with children, Bayview is a child-friendly establishment. Interestingly, the hotel enforces a “no pets” policy, essential for families with allergies or preferences. However, prepare for an Aussie outback summer as the rooms don’t come with air conditioning.

Though it misses out on pools, a fitness center, or a spa, the Bayview balances it with its surrounding natural beauty, compelling food & beverage options, and its quaint essence, making it a special place to nest while exploring Australia.
This undeniably adds a great contrast to our primary coverage of accommodations in Brooklyn, painting a fuller picture of the diverse Australian stay scene.

Venture outside Brooklyn and fall in love with the unique charisma of Bayview Hotel Woy Woy on your next Australian exploration.

Hotel Gosford

Continuing our journey through the most interesting accommodations in and around Brooklyn, we turn our attention to a remarkable feature of Australian hospitality – the Hotel Gosford.

Steeped in history and tradition, Hotel Gosford traces its roots back to 1926, seamlessly integrating a touch of the old with the new. While Brooklyn holds its unique allure, a short ride from there takes you to Gosford, an inviting town known for its vibrant cultural scene and picturesque views of Brisbane Water.

A stone’s throw away from Gosford railway station, Hotel Gosford makes it an ideal sanctuary for travellers desiring to explore the scenic Central Coast City. A short walk of 12 minutes decorates your path with the serenity of the Gosford waterfront, a treasure for sightseekers. Moreover, for lovers of the beach, Terrigal Beach is an enjoyable drive away, just 12 kilometres to soak up the sun and surf.

Hotel Gosford offers an assortment of rooms that cover the basics while adding a dollop of comfort. Televisions with flat screens adorn their rooms for a leisurely late-night watch or an afternoon movie marathon. Ever-important today, the hotel pays heed to connectivity, offering free Wi-Fi that ensures you remain socially updated or connected to work, if you’re mixing business and leisure.

The rooms are home to minifridges, a staple for holiday munchies, and tea and coffee making provisions, supporting your early morning caffeine fix or a comforting bedtime brew. For the selective traveler, they do offer additional features- rooms with attached bathrooms for privacy seekers and rooms with shared facilities for the budget travelers. If you thirst for an outdoor feel right from your room, their upgraded rooms come appended with cosy balconies.

The Hotel Gosford’s amenities give a cheerful nod to casual Australian lifestyle – a laid-back eatery stands ready for filling your hunger pangs, two bars for a splendid time socialising, and the ever-inviting beer garden that feels like home on a sunny day.

An attractive feature that stands out at Hotel Gosford is their regular live music and entertainment, taking your stay beyond relaxation and into the realm of recreation.

Emphasizing family-friendliness, Hotel Gosford welcomes children with open arms. Sticking to the theme of simplicity, the hotel doesn’t allow pets and doesn’t have pools, spa, or fitness centre services. But remember, something as charmingly simple as Gosford has plenty of surrounding assets to make up for it.

Just as every island has its own unique gem, so does every town in Australia. Differing from our central focus on Brooklyn, Hotel Gosford presents an alternative that is both unique in nature and traditional in spirit. A stay at Hotel Gosford adds a fascinating chapter to your Australian travel stories.

Mantra Ettalong Beach

As we broaden our horizons from the bustling streets of Brooklyn, we navigate towards a place where the serenity of the seas meets the comfort of modern amenities, the Mantra Ettalong Beach. Set right across the beach, this contemporary all-suite hotel on the Central Coast truly captures the essence of a relaxed coastal lifestyle.

Merely a leisurely 9-minute stroll from the hotel will take you to the Ettalong Wharf, a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. But if a more adventurous day is on your itinerary, then the breathtaking wilderness of Bouddi National Park, located just 11km away, should satiate your spirit of exploration.

Tailored to offer you a perfect blend of luxury and comfort, Mantra Ettalong Beach provides an array of understated yet sophisticated studio suites. Each suite is equipped with a kitchenette, allowing you to whip up a quick meal whenever you fancy. But, the indulgences don’t stop here. With amenities like balconies and whirlpool baths along with free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and washer/dryers, they’ve ensured utmost comfort during your stay.

Fancy waking up to an awe-inspiring ocean view or being just a step away from a refreshing dip in the pool? Some rooms at Mantra Ettalong Beach have been thoughtfully designed just for you. For those who require a larger space, the hotel offers 1- and 2-bedroom suites boasting separate living spaces, while the luxurious 3-bedroom penthouse suite provides a wraparound balcony fitted with an 8-person hot tub.

At Mantra Ettalong Beach, they really excel at combining relaxation with fun. This is evident in their on-site restaurant with an adjoining gaming facility, an outdoor pool, an exercise room and a spa.

Whether you need to attend an online meeting or plan a conference, their business center and meeting rooms are equipped to handle your professional needs. Despite the coastal heat, the air conditioning facilities ensure a comfortable environment. However, those planning to bring their furry friends along might be disappointed as the hotel does not allow pets.

Similar to the family-friendly accommodations we’ve seen in Brooklyn, Mantra Ettalong Beach extends its warmth to your little ones and even offers babysitting services. You can now take that much-needed break while ensuring your kids are safe and well-attended to.

Mantra Ettalong Beach offers a captivating stay experience. With its tranquil beachfront location and myriad of amenities, this hotel truly adds a touch of luxury to your Australian sojourn.

Guest House Accommodations

Brooklyn Motel

Switching gears from luxury hotels, we now explore an avenue that offers a feel of “Home Away From Home” – guest house accommodations. Our first stop is Brooklyn Motel. Situated in the heart of Brooklyn, Australia, this guest house accommodation combines convenience, comfort, and coastal charm.

Nestled amidst the calming ambience of Brooklyn, the motel is a perfect retreat for those seeking a quieter, homely stay. With just a stone’s throw from wonderful cafes and restaurants, the location is an ideal blend of the quiet town and the city buzz. For avid fishing enthusiasts, this place is a paradise as there is easy access to nearby water bodies.

Comfort takes precedence at Brooklyn Motel with their offerings designed to cater to the basic needs of a traveller. On their list are air-conditioned rooms for beating the heat, free Wi-Fi for social and work connect, as well as on-site parking area to keep your vehicle safe.

When it comes to culinary needs, the motel provides a restaurant for your dining pleasures. And for those who prefer a quiet meal indoors, they take care of your cravings with room service.

And here’s something for the frequent travellers – policies at Brooklyn Motel are traveller-centric too. It supports various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, NFC mobile payments, and even cash, aligning with your convenience. However, it’s worth noting that Brooklyn Motel is a smoke-free property, so smoking enthusiasts might need to plan accordingly.

In keeping with the theme of (comfortable simplicity)[link], Brooklyn Motel does not have pools or spa facilities. Fitness enthusiasts might need to satiate their exercise cravings with outdoor activities given the motel’s convenient location. However, for those who consider accessibility a priority, Brooklyn Motel might not be the best fit as it isn’t wheelchair accessible.

Additionally, while it is child-friendly, it follows a ‘no pets’ policy. This could be crucial information for travellers who never leave their furry friends behind.

Dutch, English, German – these languages fill the air at Brooklyn Motel, making it comfortable for tourists from different parts of the world.

Brooklyn Motel truly embodies the homely charm that is often characteristic of guest house accommodations. Its essential amenities ensure comfort while letting you experience the local life in Brooklyn. It’s a delightful experience for travellers seeking a cosy, simple, and peaceful stay.

North Ryde Guest House

As we continue our journey through guest house accommodations around Brooklyn, we come upon another jewel – North Ryde Guest House. This quaint establishment nestled in a peaceful residential neighbourhood offers a markedly different experience from hotel accommodations, painting an intimate picture of the local Brooklyn lifestyle.

Unassuming yet endearing, North Ryde Guest House is conveniently situated, making it a great base to explore the area. It’s a mere 13-minute walk from Macquarie Park metro station, offering excellent connectivity. Its proximity to centres of knowledge and leisure like Macquarie University, just 3km away, and Manly Beach along the South Pacific Ocean, just 21km away, makes it an inviting proposition for explorers.

Paying homage to the no-frills accommodation style, the rooms at North Ryde Guest House are characteristically laid-back. However, they have not compromised on comfort, ensuring all rooms have complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and minifridges. Further, the shared bathroom facilities promote a sense of community, integrally associated with guest house stays. What’s more, upgraded rooms even come with private amenities and tastefully modern décor.

North Ryde Guest House isn’t just a place to rest your head; they offer a suite of amenities designed for a homely stay. Parking and laundry facilities are available, and there’s a communal kitchen brightly lit and fully equipped – just waiting for your culinary explorations. After a day of exploration, you can unwind in the garden area with seating – a personal slice of nature.

However, do note that this charming place has a couple of limitations. Avid swimmers should be aware that there are no pools or hot tubs. Similarly, wellness enthusiasts might be disappointed to find no fitness centre or spa. But, given its primarily residential nature, this is in line with the authentic guest house experience.

Pet owners intending to bring along their furry companions might have to reconsider, as North Ryde Guest House follows a ‘No pets’ policy. Reflecting the local norms, the guest house is a smoke-free property. However, the welcoming staff and cozy atmosphere more than make up for these.

North Ryde Guest House, with its comforting combination of simplicity and functionality, does its bit to uphold the charming character of guest house accommodations. As a stunning contrast to bustling hotels, this guest house stays true to its primary aim – providing a home away from home experience to travellers exploring the delightful corners of Brooklyn.

Camping Sites Accommodations

Brooklyn Dam North East Campsite

Stepping away from the bricks and mortars of guest house accommodations, we dive into the heart of nature where one can get in touch with their sublime outdoor persona – camping sites. Our adventure begins with the Brooklyn Dam North East Campsite, situated in the untamed beauty of the Hawkesbury River region.

Offering a chance to live in the essence of Australian bushland, Brooklyn Dam North East Campsite sets the standard for what a true camping experience should be – a world away from luxurious hotels and cozy guest houses, and a step closer to our primordial roots.

Nestled alongside the serene Brooklyn Dam, the campsite provides a stunning spot to pitch your tent. The sight of the dam shimmering under the rising sun or quietly reflecting the hues of the setting sun, makes for quite a mesmerizing spectacle that enchants every visitor.

But it’s not just about picturesque view and tranquility, for many campers this site is an idyllic playground. An array of recreational activities await here – hiking, fishing, bird watching, and most importantly, swimming in the calm waters of Brooklyn Dam.

Space is ample and well-organized at Brooklyn Dam North East Campsite. You can park your vehicle close by and there are several picnic tables scattered around, perfect for those idyllic outdoor meals. However, as it’s a true camping site, come prepared to embrace rustic simplicity. Ready to build your own fire for cooking? You are allowed to, but remember to respect the nature around you.

Remember the beautiful hiking trail we explored? With the trailhead just close by, a day hike or an intense trekking experience is just a few steps away from this campsite. The site’s proximity to the likes of Jerusalem Bay lookouts or Campbell’s Creek fire trail makes it an ideal base for explorers.

Needless to say, camping at Brooklyn Dam North East Campsite comes with its own rough edges. There’s a strict ‘carry in, carry out’ policy for garbage, meaning whatever you bring it, you take it back out. Additionally, the amenities are limited – no power, no food storage lockers, and basic toilet facilities.

Usage rules are pretty clear: first come, first served. So, if you are deciding to experience a night under the stars, at the backdrop of the dam, make sure to arrive early. This peaceful spot can get pretty popular, especially during the peak seasons.

A little more than just an accommodation, Brooklyn Dam North East Campsite offers a truly unique experience. It’s rustic, back-to-basics, and intense. For nature lovers and adventure seekers, it’s an unforgettable way to unveil and engage with the untouched beauty surrounding Brooklyn.

Tips for Choosing an Accommodation

Choosing the right accommodation can significantly enhance your travel experience. Here are some key factors you should consider when selecting your accommodation in Brooklyn.

Proximity to Attractions

The location of your accommodation can make a world of difference to your travel convenience. Aim for a place that is nearby or centrally located in respect to the attractions or activities you’re planning to visit or participate in. This factor becomes even more essential if your trip is short or tightly scheduled.

Budget Considerations

Financial factors invariably play a significant role in our travel accommodations. Establish a clear budget for your stay and strive to stick to it. Popular online booking sites can often give you a reasonable estimate of expenses, helping you find the best value for your money. Remember, budgeting wisely on accommodation often leaves more funds for exploring and experiencing the locale.

Essential Amenities

Different travelers have different needs. Identify your must-have amenities before making a booking. For some, complimentary Wi-Fi could be a deal-breaker, while others might prioritize having breakfast included. There are also individuals who prefer places with sufficient parking facilities or those that appreciate a room with a view. It all boils down to personal preferences that align with your convenience and comfort.

Style of Accommodation

The beauty of Brooklyn is the variety it offers – whether it be luxury hotels, homely guest houses, or adventurous camping sites. Decide on what kind of ambiance or experience you want during your stay. A nature lover might find camping more appealing, while those seeking comfort and privacy might go for a guest house or a hotel.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews are a valuable source of unbiased information about the actual experiences at different accommodations. Check websites and platforms that feature real-life reviews from travelers – they can provide further insight into the location, staff service, cleanliness, food quality, and overall experience.

Choosing the perfect accommodation can be time-consuming, but it’s an essential part of your trip planning. Considering these points during your decision-making process can help ensure your final choice of an accommodation aligns with your personal travel style, comfort necessities, and budget restraints.


Regardless of whether you intend to enjoy the tranquillity of the river, explore the local cuisine, or unleash your inner adventurer, Brooklyn offers accommodations for every type of traveler. Enjoy your visit to this beautiful part of Australia and take home memories that will urge you to return.