HAVING trouble waking up in the mornings as the weather gets colder?

Oakleigh’s Caravan Music Club has the answer for you. Forget sleepy starts to the day, the Club is putting on a Big Gospel Breakfast as a part of a 10-day Carnival of Suburbia festival, which celebrates all things musical in Monash.

The breakfast is all about big: big voices, big instruments, big music and big food.

Melbourne ‘Queen of Gospel’ Tracey Miller will be rousing sleepy-eyed audience members with the help of a five-piece band, including an impressive Hammond organ.

Caravan Music Club’s Peter Foley warned the breakfast was not for the quiet. “With the Hammond organ in there, there’s going to be a big sound,” he said. “It’ll be a rousing way to start the day.”

If anyone is prepared to back it up with a big lunch, they can stick around for the Great Southern Barbecue, led by Chris Altmann and Que Paso, with a string of well-known guests.

Keeping with the big theme, there will be a nine-piece backing band to keep the music flowing.

A raft of musicians including You Am I frontman Tim Rogers, SuzannahEspie, Matt Walker, Sarah Carroll and Anna Burley will perform some southern soul classics as well.