EastLink speed blitz

VICTORIA Police has launched Operation Eastlinker to curb speeding drivers on Melbourne’s newest road, which opened yesterday.

A dedicated patrol will operate along the roadway 24 hours a day, seven days a week for at least the first two weeks of EastLink’s operation.

The operation may be extended.

Traffic and Transit Safety Assistant Commissioner Ken Lay said that while most drivers did the right thing, there were still those who thought it was okay to speed or to break the law.

“That’s not acceptable.

“By putting Operation Eastlinker in place from day one, police are proactively ensuring the safety of everyone travelling along this new road.”

Mr Lay said police had done extensive planning for the opening of EastLink.

“Police understand that there is a great deal of interest in this new roadway and motorists are keen to drive along it for the first time.

“This means we will have a high volume of traffic moving through the area.”

While speed will be the main offence targeted during the operation on the EastLink, police warned they would also be looking for other traffic offences.

Earlier this year, the location of EastLink’s six speed-camera sites was announced: two EastLink tunnel cameras (one in each direction); Wellington Road Bridge, Rowville (one each north and south bound); and the Dandenong bypass, Keysborough (one each north and south bound).

An official date for commencement of the cameras is still to be announced, with testing still being