CUSTOMERS, public transport commuters and staff are at great risk from a lack of lighting in Mount Waverley, says a local trader.

Bakery owner Andrew Dalzotto, who owns Brumby’s in Hamilton Place, said the lack of streetlights near his business was putting people at risk.

“It’s in total darkness all the time after 5pm,” he said. “It’s dangerous for pedestrian traffic.”

MrDalzotto said customers and commuters from the nearby Mount Waverley station were constantly endangered by trucks backing out of loading docks and impatient drivers swerving around them.

Monash Council has heard his call and pledged to do something about it.

He is also concerned for his staff who often start early and finish long after the sun has gone down.

“We start work at 3am. It’s almost threatening,” he said.

“We keep two staff on at all times.”

MrDalzotto said the lack of lighting had been turning customers away from his end of Hamilton Place.

“We lose the last two hours of business during winter. Summer’s not too bad because it’s reasonably light until we get here, but early in the morning it’s still an issue.”

MrDalzotto’s wife, Jay, agreed that the darkness in the area was an issue.

“It’s dark in here so it doesn’t encourage people to come across. They’re attracted to the brightness and lights and safety. So definitely it has affected our business in a big way.”

She said some people weren’t even aware the business was open at times.

“If it was lit up here and a bit brighter, it’d definitely make a big difference.”

After being contacted by the Weekly last week, Monash mayor Greg Male visited Hamilton Place and has since decided to put council resources into the issue.

“The council considers it appropriate that the installation of additional lighting within this area will enhance the retail precinct,” he said.