MULGRAVE and Notting Hill residents can have their say to Monash Council on the future of their suburbs.

Through a survey, the council is asking residents what they want to see done.

It is part of a push to develop community action plans for both Mulgrave and Notting Hill this year, with a view to making the areas better places to live.

Notting Hill Community Association convener Marian Quartly said her group had been meeting the council in a bid to help shape the future of the area.

“I think the things the Notting Hill community wants is what it has always wanted, a bit more public land made available for community use,” she said.

“We want somewhere to kick a football and somewhere to walk the dogs.”

MsQuartly said the council’s decision to let the residents have their say on their suburbs was a positive step.

“It’s a good thing. The neighbourhood is changing very fast.

“There’s lots of new people coming in and we haven’t got very good ways to reach out to them.”

The survey, which can be filled out online or at the Mulgrave and Notting Hill neighbourhood houses, asks what people like about their suburbs and what they would like to change.

Monash mayor Greg Male said he hoped the surveys would help the council find out what could be done to make the suburbs better places to live.

“There’s a lot to consider when planning for the future, so we want all Mulgrave and Notting Hill residents’ support.

“We can’t plan for the future without the help of the people who live there.”

Notting Hill and Mulgrave residents can fill out the council’s survey at, or at local neighbourhood houses.