AN awareness campaign aimed at encouraging people to ride their bikes to the train station instead of driving is being conducted by a group of Monash University students.

Viki Nathan, Steven Jeffery and Tony Carusi aim to encourage more commuters to cycle to Glen Waverley station by promoting the financial, health and environmental benefits of riding a bike.

“While the rail system is the backbone of public transport, what makes it inconvenient is the connecting trip at either end, the waits and a shortage of car parking space at most metropolitan train stations,” Mr Jeffrey said.

“When this inconvenience is removed by cycling to the station, the whole journey becomes swifter and a lot more enjoyable.”

Mr Jeffrey said cycling also helped people feel fitter and healthier.

“Having bicycles on the road creates a sense of community by promoting social interaction and allows people to enjoy the parklands and quiet back streets on their way to the station,” he said

“The bicycle is also an inexpensive and independent way of getting about.”

The students’ campaign will focus on Glen Waverley station, with suggested safe cycle routes to be identified in a leaflet titled Cyclists in Training.

The campaign will run until mid September when the team will host a public meeting to discuss cycling issues.

For details, phone Ms Nathan on 95616580 or Mr Jeffrey on 98026163.