AN attractive piece of paradise in Glen Waverley will welcome visitors on Saturday and Sunday as part of Australia’s Open Garden Scheme.

Beacon Gardens, owned by Lawrie Koelmeyer, is 40 years old but has been redesigned for low-maintenance and water-saving.

“The plants get most of their water from rainfall,” Mr Koelmeyer said.

“There are no sprinkler systems and the cost of tap water used is negligible – about one dollar week.

“Even when temperatures reach 40‑ and hot winds blow, Beacon Gardens is lush and green, like a pocket-sized tropical rainforest.”

He has no need for a mower because lawns have been replaced with ground-cover plants.

“Visitors can see that a low-maintenance garden doesn’t have to be unattractive with lots of pavers and concrete and a few plants.

“And a low-water garden doesn’t have to resemble a semi-desert with gaunt, prickly and ugly plants.”

The gardens, at 4 Beacon Street, Glen Waverley, will open from 10am-4.30pm both days.