New housemates pleased to have flown the nest at last

HOUSEMATES Clinton and Trevor are enjoying the taste of newfound freedom since moving in together three months ago.

The pair have lived with their parents for most of their lives, but are savoring the fact they can now watch football, go to action movies and meet friends without asking for permission.

The two Wheelers Hill residents – also workmates at Waverley Industries – are members of the DirectLife project, a program set up by the Oakleigh-based EW Tipping Foundation to promote independent living for people with disabilities.

The program provides carers on weekdays to give regular daily living tips such as banking, shopping, budgeting, and cleaning the house, and Clinton and Trevor have the weekends to themselves.

They take turns to cook for each other during the week – Clinton specializes in pizza, while Trevor does a delicious blue grenadier.

Clinton said his parents used to worry about him a lot.

Trevor said he couldn’t move out until his protective mother had passed away.

“I found it a little bit hard living with Mum and Dad – often Mum wouldn’t listen to what I had to say.

If anyone else wants to move out, if you move in with friends then you’ll be fine.”

EW Tipping spokeswoman Janet Grainger-Wilcox said the project showed disability services were changing from institutional care to independent living.

“These two guys [Clinton and Trevor] are living in the community, among neighbors who are friendly and helpful.

“Everyone wants to live in independence.”