BEING young is a reason to celebrate and Victoria Police will host the party during the Oakleigh Street Beat Youth Festival.

The event is on Monday, March 31 as part of National Youth Week.

VP spokeswoman Christine Panayotou said more than 20 secondary schools were expected to participate in the celebrations aimed at forming positive partnerships between police and youth.

“The outdoors event will give young people the opportunity to learn more about Victoria Police, which this year celebrates 150 years of service in the community,” she said.

There will be a host of activities, with the Victoria Police Show Band, mounted branch and air wing, the road trauma awareness unit, Calder race car, and much more. There will also be an abseiling wall and an inflatable double slide. The festival will be at Warrawee Park, Oakleigh, and DW Nicholl Reserve in Drummond Street, Oakleigh, 9 am-3 pm. Details: 92475205.