THE Monash Science Centre in Clayton is running a series of lectures and family nights as part of National Science Week.

Family science night tomorrow (Tuesday), 7-8.30pm.

Freshwater chemistry – find out if water is drinkable through tests to detect hidden pollution.

Baffling rocks and vicious volcanoes – explore different rock types, make your own rocks, use acid to test for fossils, and build an exploding volcano.

Family science night, Wednesday, 7-8.30pm.

Freshwater habitats – look through microscopes to find out what lurks beneath the water.

Harry Potter chemical potions – make mouth-fizzing chemicals, bubbling water, odious smells, bouncing eggs, and squishy materials.

All about Green Chemistry, Thursday, 7-8 pm.

Michael Clark examines the contribution of the chemical industry, its associated problems and explores how “green chemistry” is the key to a sustainable future.

The lecture incorporates a number of spectacular chemistry demonstrations.

Why our government takes waterbugs seriously, Thursday, 7-8 pm.

Aquatic invertebrates – or waterbugs – are spineless creatures inhabiting rivers, lakes, ponds, and even neglected pools.

Edward Tsyrlin, the co-author of The Waterbug Book, discusses how these tiny creatures tell us a lot about our environment.